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I will use my experience within fitness, muscle build and fat loss to work in partnership with you and together, we will unlock those barriers and achieve incredible results. I will help you to feel confident in your body and motivate you on your journey.


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Apply through the link if you are fully committed to having a conversation about changing your body and relationship with food.


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We will then discuss your goals in a non-committal way  to determine the right process for you.


Welcome on board

Complete the sign-up and questionnaire and prepare to get started on the journey.

Meal plan

Customising the meals down to budget, time, and preferences to ensure every recipe and meal is specific for you. 

Workout plan

Whether a home or gym trainer, I will personally customise your plan to get maximum results.

Chat support

Whether you need to ask ANY questions or get motivation on an off day, I will be with you during every step of your journey. 

Personal tracker

Track your result via online tracker and make sure you are on the right path towards your dream body. 

online coaching

Customised diet plans

Your diet plan is customised based on your goal and preferences. I will of course take into consideration things such as allergies, time for cooking, money for grocery shopping and more.

Customised workout programs

It does not matter how much experience you have in the gym. I will make sure the program you get will fit your level and take into consideration injuries.

1-to-1 coaching

You get 1-to-1 coaching by me including video content and regular personal updates.

Tracking your progression

You get your own online VIP-client page, where you have to do weekly check-ins. I use that information to adjust your training and diet.

Updates based on progression

My goal is to help you realise yours. Based on your progression I will change your diet and training every 4 weeks.

All in one app access

You get access to my app, where you can see your plans, follow your progression and chat with me.

You as my


You are the star here. Training and coaching you is what drives me. To improve your life by helping you to live healthier and to change physically and mentally. I help you take control of your body. I listen to you and put you at the centre of your needs. Your goal is my task. Together we’re gonna make it.
Precise training instructions and videos. The ideal daily nutrition plan. And always an open ear for you. I show you the correct movement sequence. The right intensity. Not too much. Not too little. Sweat. Train. Grow. And get closer to your goal.

I invest all my energy in my clients because they trust me. YOUR SUCCES IS MINE

Amin Elkach

Fitness model & Personal trainer

Hello, I’m Amin and I’m your new coach. My whole life so far has been full of sports. Running, swimming, playing football and fitness training have shaped me. I was a professional footballer for several years. There I learned how important discipline and mental strength are. Due to injuries, I came to fitness and bodybuilding and have accumulated a lot of knowledge over the years. It drives me to pass this knowledge on to you. I help you live healthier, eat more consciously, train harder and give you the power to improve because :

To change your body, start thinking differently!